Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

Is Roof Restoration Worth It

The Benefits of Restoring Your Roof

Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

Our roofs are the unsung hero of our home. We rely on it to keep us safe and dry, but let’s face it, sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to its needs. One question that baffles many homeowners is whether to go for a roof restoration or shell out the big bucks for a full replacement. With eco-friendliness becoming more crucial these days, people often ponder: is restoring roofs really worth it?

The best answer that no one likes to hear is always: “it depends.” In the quick guide we will explore the pros and cons of restoring your roof. You’ll also find out if your roof is showing signs it might be time to get some quotes for professional roof restoration.

Why should I consider roof restoration?

If you’re going to invest in your home, roof restoration can be a wise decision. It boosts the look and value of your property, ensures the safety and stability of the building, guards against further damage and deterioration. It’s also allot more cost efective. Roofs can be expensive to replace outright, opting for a single restoration since it will last longer is an excellent choice.

What are the benefits of roof restoration?

Roof restoration comes with several advantages, the main reasons include improved cosmetic appearance. Other advantages include:

  1. Increased property value and aesthetic appeal
  2. Improved durability and stability
  3. Enhanced protection against UV rays and mold
  4. Energy efficiency improvements
  5. Longer lifespan without needing to replace the roof
  6. Seamless color matching if needed during repair
  7. Prevents further damage and deterioration
  8. Cost savings on repairs due to infrastructure maintenance
  9. Immunity from storm damage, depending on your area
  10. Lower energy bills from improved insulation

What is involved in a roof restoration?

The type of roof restoration varies depending on the materials and conditions of the existing roof; however generally speaking a thorough process involves cleaning the surface first with pressure washers or special cleaning agents followed by an application of specialised sealants. Depending on the material type other materials may also be used such as sand, cement or paint. The restorers will also work around any tiles or shingles that may have been damaged during their inspection process and repair them if required.

  1. Inspect the roof to identify any problematic areas, damages and required restoration or repairs.
  2. Clean the surface of roofs and gutters with a pressure washer or special cleaning agents
  3. Fill any cracks with mortar or sealant
  4. General roof repairs to replace any broken tiles as necessary
  5. Reset ridge caps, repair or replace roof valleys, trusses and eaves (if in poor condition)
  6. Apply specialised coating to prevent deterioration from UV rays and mold
  7. Reapply cement to hold tiles in place
  8. Test the waterproofing of the roof for further assurance of protection
  9. Optional: Improve energy efficiency with specialised teaming methodologies employed (only applicable for commercial roofs)
  10. Aftercare: conduct annual inspections and cleanings

How long does it take to complete a tile roof restoration?

Depending on how extensive the work requires this can vary from one job to another. On average though most residential roof restorations take between 1 -3 days but much larger commercial jobs may take significantly longer up to 10-14 days . The time it takes depends on roof size and complexity of each job.

Facts About Roof Restoration

What are some common signs that it might be time to restore your tiled roof?

  1. Roofing tiles that have become cracked, broken, or damaged
  2. Presence of dark stains or streaks on the surface of your roof from water damage
  3.  Pooling water from inadequate drainage
  4. Blistering, crumbling, buckling shingles
  5. Algae or mould growth appearing on the roof
  6. Debris built up in the valleys of the roof
  7. Tiles with faded colors indicating wear and tear from UV rays
  8. Leaks caused by open holes
  9.  You see corrision starting to form on ceramic or concrete tiles
  10. Sagging gutters and damaged downpipes

What much does roof restoration cost?

The cost of roof restoration for a standard 3 bedroom home starts from $2000. To get an accurate cost to restore a tiled or metal roof, we recommend getting quotes from a reliable roofing contractor in your area.


Roof restoration is a great way to protect and upgrade your home in order to enjoy it for years to come. If saves on costs compared to a full roof replacement.

Freshly restored roof look great and investing in a quality restoration will be worth every penny!

If you need a quote to restore your roof get in touch with your local roofing professional today.

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