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Is your roof in desperate need of restoration?

If so, perhaps it´s time for a comprehensive rejuvenation treatment. With years of experience working on roofs of all shapes and sizes, Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane are leading roofing experts providing restoration services to residential and commercial properties.

Our tried and tested specialist techniques will ensure your roof stays in pristine condition for years to come.

Roof restoration involves cleaning, repairing and painting roofs to improve their appearance and functionality. Other benefits include:

  • Providing additional protection against pests and weather
  • Boosting energy efficiency
  • Extending the longevity of roofs and increasing property values

The process is generally less expensive than completely removing and replacing an existing roof.

Our roof restoration service is designed to refresh tired roofs and restore them to their original condition. We work with the finest quality materials and service all kinds of roofs, big and small.

All our project work is carried out by roof restoration technicians who have been selected based on their training, experience, professionalism and attention to detail. We are fully licenced and insured and guarantee our work.

At Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane, we are committed to taking care of your roofing needs at an affordable price.

Our Roof Restoration Process

Roof Restoration Process

When providing a roof restoration service, we follow five key steps:

1) Roof assessment

The first thing is a detailed inspection of your roof to identify damage points and other problems such as leaks and indications of water damage. This allows us to determine the kind of roof restoration required. Then we´ll provide you with a comprehensive scope of the work and a free, honest quote.

2) Cleaning

Once you give us the green light, our roof restoration technicians will wash the roof with a high-pressure hose to get rid of years of accumulated dirt and grime.

3) Repairs

The next step is one of the most critical in our roof restoration process – following up on the damage points and performing much-needed repairs. This can include re-pointing ridge caps, fixing leaks and replacing missing and broken tiles and metal sheets.

4) Priming and painting

If painting is required, we´ll apply premium quality primer and coats of roof paint. When restoring metal roofs, a rust primer can be applied to eliminate rust and prevent future oxidation. To prevent future roof issues, we can also add an anti-mould and anti-fungal biocide to stop lichen and mould from growing on the roof.

5) Final assessment

Once all the steps have been completed, a post-job evaluation is conducted, which entails a walk-through of the roof to ensure nothing has been missed.

Roof Restoration Services

  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Multi-story roofing
  • Commercial roof restoration
  • Replacing gutters
  • Painting
  • Roof maintenance
  • Re-pointing barges, hips and ridges
  • Mould removal from terracotta roofs
  • Cleaning up and removing all waste from the site

Why Choose Us?

  • 10  years of experience
  • Reliable, skilled and professional roof restoration experts
  • Premium quality materials
  • We carry all necessary licences and public liability insurance
  • Specialist equipment
  • Affordable prices

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