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Tile Roof Restoration

Over the years, roof tiles take a lot of beating. Strong winds, rain, heat, sunlight, debris, birds and extreme weather conditions all impact the appearance, integrity and performance of roofs.

When the roof tiles of a property are damaged, they can put the interior at risk of leaks, water damage, wood rot and mould. The longer damaged roof tiles are left, the worse a problem will become.

If you´ve got a roof tile problem, we can help. As a leading local roofing company, Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane works with all types of tiles and roofing materials, including concrete and terracotta.

Our team of roof tile restoration experts restores broken, missing or deteriorated roof tiles for a more attractive and safer roof that will better protect your home or business premises. We work on residential and commercial buildings of any age, type or height, including schools, shops, showrooms, sports centres and garages.

At Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, top-quality workmanship and customer service. Every tile restoration project we handle is completed to a high standard.

We never compromise on quality and know that long-term solutions are the best solutions.

Our Roof Tile Restoration Process

If your roof is looking tired and worn but is not yet ready to be replaced, a tile roof restoration is a convenient and more affordable way of giving your roof a new lease of life.

Here’s what you can expect if you book the experienced team at Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane:

  • Visual assessment

We start by conducting a thorough visual inspection of your roof to identify holes, cracks, fractures, dents and anything else that could compromise your roof’s stability.

  • Cleaning

Pressure cleaning of the entire roof to remove dirt, mould, lichen and moss. Lichen and moss growth is a typical roof problem, especially when there are terracotta tiles.

While they don’t harm the tiles directly, they retain moisture and, over time, can weaken the tiles and cause them to crack. Additionally, they can discolour tiles, making them look prematurely old and unsightly.

  • Repairs

Damaged tiles are either repaired or replaced and we fix any leak issues.

  • Remove ridge caps and re-bed if required

If your roof has damaged ridge caps, we’ll re-bed them, which involves removing them, laying a new concrete bed and then re-laying the caps.

  • Priming and painting

In most cases, we’ll paint your roof with a primer and add a topcoat.

  • Final visual inspection

We perform a quality control inspection to ensure all the steps have been completed successfully.

Tiled Roof Restoration Services

  • Fixing cracked or broken tiles
  • Re-pointing
  • Re-aligning roof tiles
  • Addressing accumulations of mould, moss, lichens, dirt and algae
  • High-pressure cleaning using specialist equipment
  • Priming and painting
  • Sealing any leaks
  • Installing new capping and re-bedding ridges
  • Replacing glazing if worn or starting to wear

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  • 10 years of tile restoration experience
  • Premium roofing products
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  • Fully licenced and insured
  • Affordable prices
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