Whirlybird Installation Brisbane

Australia´s hot and humid summers are a huge problem for roofs that lack proper ventilation. Heat builds up in the roof space and cannot escape. During extended periods of hot weather, roof temperatures can climb up to 70°C.

This results in heat penetrating ceilings causing discomfort to a building´s occupants. Hot temperatures can also damage roof timbers and significantly affect the efficiency and performance of ducted air conditioning systems.

The solution is a whirlybird, one of the simplest and most popular roof ventilation options in Australia. It can reduce the air temperature in the roof space by up to 30°C, making internal environments more comfortable and ensuring air conditioners run more efficiently and cheaply.

At Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane, we supply, install, maintain and repair whirlybirds. We have a strong track record of providing the Brisbane community with a prompt, professional and affordable whirlybird service. Our team of roofing experts only install the most reliable, efficient and long-lasting whirlybirds for the Brisbane climate.

How Does A Whirlybird Work On A Roof?

A whirlybird is a type of semi-mechanical vent that sits on the roof of a building and spins in the wind. As the wind blows through the bulb-shaped structure, its fins rotate, creating a vacuum that sucks up hot air trapped between the ceiling and the roof. This hot air is then vented through the whirlybird.

During the winter, whirlybirds remove moist air from the roof cavity reducing condensation and mould accumulation.

Among the key benefits of a whirlybird ventilation system are:

  • No electrical connections are needed because they use wind energy
  • Extracts trapped hot and moist air from roof spaces
  • Year-round benefits
  • Saves money on energy bills
  • Deters mould and mildew growth
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Suits tiled and metal roofs
  • Enhances existing ventilation systems

Whether you would like whirlybirds installed on your family home, set of apartments or Brisbane business premises, our trained and experienced installers are ready to attend to your needs.

How We Install Whirlybirds

Our whirlybird installation process for residential and commercial Brisbane properties encompasses the following steps:

1) Assessment

Our whirlybird installation team will visit your home or business and make a recommendation of which whirlybird system will best suit your requirements and budget.

2) Preparation

We discuss the possible location of your whirlybird. Some clients prefer it out of sight for aesthetic reasons, so we can install it at the back of the roof where it can´t be seen from the road. We position it close to the apex so it can efficiently extract rising hot air from your home. If you need several whirlybirds, we´ll make sure they´re evenly spaced out and not above or below each other, which could affect their efficiency.

3) Cutting holes

We drill and cut a single hole in the roof sheet or tiles for each whirlybird.

4) Installation

After filing off any rough edges from the newly cut hole, we insert and attach the vent. Once levelled, we connect the turbine.

Why Choose Us?

  • Fully licenced and insured
  • Qualified and experienced roofing experts
  • Reliable, professional service
  • Top-quality whirlybirds at affordable prices